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Arag Bravo 300S Auto Rate Controller 46734401

Arag Bravo 300S Auto Rate Controller 46734401

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  • Special software for multifractioned fan orchard sprayer
  • SD memory card slot
  • Excellent perfomance/price ratio
  • Level indicator showing the quantity of liquid left in the tank (with optional level sensor)
  • Indication of residual range of operation expressed in surface (ha/acres) or rows (km/miles).
  • Management and automatic saving of counters for each job and of global counters for the job carried out during an entire  season (SD memory card).

– Power supply max. 10 A
– To be set up in the cabin
– Damages as a result of installing the valves or sensors not made by the company Arag are not covered by warranty.
It contains the test menu for all connected sensorsoperating buttons and valves
Manual and automatic adjustment of dosing
– Automatic nozzle wear check
Consists of
– Bravo 300s computer
– Speed sensor
– Setting kit
– The cable to connect the sensors and section valves
– Electricity cable
– Guide
Technical features

– Power tensity: +11 up to 14VDC
Power consumption: 450mA (without valves)
– Temperature range: from 0°C to 60°C
– Digital inputs: max. 2000Hz
– Analog inputs: 4 x 20 mA
– Spraying water impermeable
– The plug Quick-Fit allows fast connection
– Integrated SD card slot for saving data
– Graphic backlit display LCD with 240 x 73 pixels
– Inputs for signals of: flow rate, speed, pressure, filling flow rate, revolution counter, Pump Protector.
– Outputs to control up to 4 boom sections, pressure control valve, main valve and foam marker