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Croplands Swissmex Knapsack Sprayer - 15 Litre

Croplands Swissmex Knapsack Sprayer - 15 Litre

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The SW503 heavy-duty 15 litre knapsack sprayer features a dual piston/diaphragm pump, providing the benefit of achieving high pressure if required with the piston (over 6 bar), and the safety of a diaphragm pump as well.

Fitted with Viton seals, this sprayer will last.

Other features include:

  • Safer Port - Wide 5 1/2" diameter port with filling strainer
  • Easy to clean - Strong polyethylene tank with UV inhibitors for long life
  • Easy to handle - confortable handgrip with lever lock
  • In-Built pressure filler
  • In-Built agitator
  • Dual piston/diaphragm pump - Non leak, high quality dual piston/diaphragm pump (up to 6 Bar) with Viton seals and a safety diaphragm for wear resistance and reliability
  • Lid Lance Clips for easy storage and carrying
  • Adjustable nozzle for durability
  • Sturdy design - One piece handle folds for easy storage
  • Padded Straps - Wide non-absorbant polyester straps with heavy duty padding for strength, comfort and safety