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Arag Orion flowmeter 10-200LPM 40BAR 46211A40000

Arag Orion flowmeter 10-200LPM 40BAR 46211A40000

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ORION2 Electro-magnetic flow meter – with flanged fittings for installation on ARAG control units

• No mechanical moving parts inside the pipe
• Performances independent from fluid density and viscosity
• Low sensitivity to turbulence
• High precision
• Low maintenance
• Typical error: 0,5% 
• Working pressure: up to 40 bar
• Pulse output: 0-12 Vdc
• Max consumption: 300 mA
• Output only by flowing fluid
• Parts in contact with fluid made of polypropylene and Inox stainless steel 
• Flanges in fyber glass reinforced Nylon


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