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Hypro Banjo Flange Clamp & Gasket FC

Hypro Banjo Flange Clamp & Gasket FC

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Hypro Universal Flanged Clamps feature a clamshell design that delivers superior durability and sealing capability through an even clamping pressure around universal flange joints.The clamp include a Hypro Universal Flange Gasket.

Fully compatible with the Banjo flange clamp system.

  • A glass-filled nylon delivers superior chemical resistance and strength
  • Captured bolt and nut design in stainless steel allows for ease of assembly and maintenance, with a 10mm socket or nut driver
  • Serviceable design eliminates areas prone to collecting debris and excessive corrosion
  • Achieves the same pressure ratings as the track/worm gear stainless steel flange clamp, while weighing close to 50% less

The Clamshell design holds fittings in place before tightening the bolt for easy assembly. The worm gear clamps need to be engaged before being capable of holding fittings in alignment.
Engineered glass-filled nylon polymer is used to provide a durable, chemical resistant clamp that has an integrated appearance.
Captured nut and bolt design reduces assembly and maintenance time by eliminating the need to feed a track through the worm gear.
Improving safety through elimination of sharp edges that can harm operators.

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Justin MacDonnell
Great Service

Order shipped immediately. Received everything as ordered. Competitive pricing.