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Hypro Stainless Flange Centrifugal Pump - 9306S-HM5C-3U

Hypro Stainless Flange Centrifugal Pump - 9306S-HM5C-3U

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9306S Stainless series pedestal-mount centrifugal pump with hydraulic motor fitted (for open centre, closed centre and load-sensing systems), Stainless Steel housing with GTX impeller

  • Liquid port sizes: 3” Flange Inlet(M300): 2” Full Port outlet (M220)
  • Hydraulic motor: internal gear gerotor; max motor psi = 3000
  • Hydraulic ports: 1/2″ NPT inlet, 3/4″ NPT outlet,
  • Hydraulic motor seal: double-lip Teflon
  • Weight: 15kg

Fitted to a number of OEM sprayers,

Case Patriot & Croplands Weedit sprayer models

  • Max fluid temp: 60 C
  • Max pressure: 9.6 Bar (140 psi)
  • Max L/min flow: 1186
  • Max hyd flow required: 64.4 L/min
  • 803 L/min flow at 4.1 Bar pressure and 60.6 L/min hydraulic flow
  • Internal threaded


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