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Ideal 60L Chemical Mixing Hopper Banjo Venturi Granny Pot Vat

Ideal 60L Chemical Mixing Hopper Banjo Venturi Granny Pot Vat

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Ideal mixing hoppers have been designed to offer a fast, safe and efficient way of loading chemicals into your tank all while filling your sprayer. No more climbing and putting chemical into your spray tank, this is all done at the Ideal chemical hopper.

Features include:
• 2" tank suction
• Heavy duty powder-coated frame
• 2" Banjo high-flow venturi with full 2" bypass
• Quality chemical resistant Banjo and Arag taps and fittings
• Drum and tank rinse nozzle
• Mixing hopper can handle wet and dry chemical (powder or granular)
• 3/4 tank mixing nozzle
• 60L coned bottom tank
• (optional) Wheel kit with handle and solid tyres (optional)
• (optional) 1” suction kit which allows ability of inducting through the chem probe provided and also from shuttles. you can also induct from enviro drums using a enviro coupling *Enviro coupling not included, this is available as an extra option*

Dimensions- Width 75cm x Depth 85cm x Height 93cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joe Cook

Not much of a review because i haven't used it yet, but it looks a good piece, pot washing sprinkler is a neat thing, and so is the wheels and handle for moving it around. Seems well constructed. neatly plasma cut handle and bolt holes/slots. Nicely welded and painted frame, should be good.

Brendan Taylor

Great product, exactly what we needed

Joe Vespucci
Ideal 60L Chemical Hopper

great product , easy to use