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Ideal 800L Chemical Batch Mixer Vat

Ideal 800L Chemical Batch Mixer Vat

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The Ideal Batch Mixers have been designed to offer a fast, safe and effective way of transferring chemicals into your tank all while filling your sprayer. No more climbing and putting chemical into your spray tank by hand, this is all done by the Ideal Batch Mixer. We can also customise the batch mixer to suit your individual requirements.

Ideal batch mixers are built using only quality, genuine parts, our Ideal 800L batch mixers are an extremely beneficial piece of equipment for any individual who deals with chemical mixing.

Features of our Ideal 800L batch mixers include:

•  Batch mixer can handle wet and dry chemical (powder or granular)
•  Drum rinse nozzle (inside lid)
•  360 degree tank rinse ball (inside tank)
•  Quality chemical resistant Banjo taps and fittings
•  3" high-flow Banjo Poly chemical pump
•  Genuine Honda GX200 6.5Hp motor
•  3" male camlocks on suction and delivery ports
•  2" camlock for inducting chemical from shuttles, enviro drums or a chemical probe
•  Heavy Duty Galvanized frame with forklift feet
•  800L V-bottom tank
•  2 x 1 1/2" tank mixing nozzles

Electric Start Option Available please contact for pricing and details

Length 175cm x Width 155cm x Height 100cm

 Please contact us for a freight quote!

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